ED10 Water detectorThor incorporates water (flooding) detection as part of an integrated management solution. The Eδ10 (ED10) is mounted under the raised floor to detect floodings caused by malfunctioning AC systems or leaking pipes. By using the Empalme Bus system, it can reliably detect and send out alerts in case of dangerous situations, even if the IT infrastructure is already affected.


The Eδ15 (ED15) adds airflow visualization. With Empalme, it’s possible to visualize the airflow under the raised floor, creating a chart of direction, speed, temperature and humidity. This allows the engineer to optimize cooling in the equipment room by adjusting floor vents to get the desired airflow to each aisle.

Eδ10 specifications

  • 15 cm high detector, to be mounted under the raised floor of the equipment room.
  • Detects fluids with four sensors using robust mechanisms.
  • Visible and audible alarm in the unit itself for easy locating.
  • Powered through the Empalme Bus. No external power supply needed.

Eδ15 specifications

  • All specifications for Eδ10 apply.
  • 30 cm high detector.
  • Airflow vector calculation (direction, speed).
  • Air temperature and humidity measuring.